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We aren’t just farm to table — we’re family to family. 

We know you care about real ingredients as much as we do. We want to empower those around us to connect with their food and the ingredients that go into their meals.


Eating healthy, and knowing where your food comes from, is more important than ever. We are doing our small part to keep those connections strong.

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Why Everybody Loves Our Oil

High Smoke Point

Ratio of Omegas


Vitamin E



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Trace Your Oil

Planting date: April 23rd 2018
Harvest date: July 28th 2018
Pressed: October 13th 2018
This year mother nature did not make it easy on us to grow our Camelina. We started out with a very wet spring followed by a dry spell throughout June & July. Even with all of the challenges that the weather gave us, we were still able to walk away from 2018 with a great crop! After harvest, we loaded our Camelina seeds into sealed tote bags for them to await to be pressed for oil. On October 13th, we brought our seeds up to our oil press in Marion, MI where we pressed and bottled the camelina oil so it could be put into your hands.